Colworth Park


CDS is an employee-owned and led social enterprise with a clear ambition – to ensure everybody, especially vulnerable and marginalised groups, receives the oral healthcare and information they need to thrive.

We work with the NHS, businesses, schools, community groups and other organisations to bring the best dental services and oral health information to the people that traditional dental services are unable to reach, including people with learning disabilities, physical or mental health issues that make it difficult to access dental services, or people in locations or situations – homeless shelters, prisons – where good dental healthcare is harder to deliver.

Our Oral Health Improvement teams provide interventions and advice reaching a wide range of people to encourage good oral health.

We work across eight counties, Bedfordshire, Luton, Suffolk, Norfolk (Thetford), Oxfordshire, Leicestershire, Essex and Lincolnshire. We also offer some privately paid for dental care to enable re-investment in our social aims and have growing mobile service providing dental care and advice to individuals and increasingly to organisations who have limited access to oral health care, targeted at improving employee health and well-being.
Our social purpose is improving oral health across evermore communities, focusing on vulnerable people who would otherwise find it difficult to access oral health care.

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