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Evolution Biotech to be awarded significant patent

Evolution Biotechnologies (, the Colworth and US-based company pioneering the use of biological control to benefit human health, today reports the announcement by the European Patent Office of notification of intention to grant Evolution’s patent EP3331366, “Acaricides”.

The patent protects Evolution’s lead technology, developing a biological control for the house dust mite as a preventative for asthma.

The patent provides broad protection for any use of replicating biological agents for the control of house dust mites (HDM). The first claim protects “A method of treating or preventing a house dust mite infestation, said method comprising applying an acaricidal infectious agent at a site of a house dust mite infestation, or at a site proximal thereto, or at a site at risk of such infestation.”

As a result of this decision, Evolution now has exclusive control of the European market for this uniquely capable technology, with the potential to treat multiple mite habitats from a limited initial application. This market is projected to have potential for sales of more than $680M per annum in western Europe alone.

Grant in Europe is anticipated in the first half of 2019, with grant in Hong Kong following a quarter later. Corresponding applications are queued for examination in the USA, Australia, and Japan and will leverage our highly favourable PCT international examination report (IPRP).

Dr. David Harper, Evolution’s CEO, said “this is a huge step forward for the company, providing exclusivity for this uniquely capable approach in one of the largest markets in the world, with additional filings progressing in other areas.”

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