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Camstent Announce Positive Results For ‘Bacteria-Phobic’ Catheter

Initial results from the first in-human pilot study could pave the way for a novel approach in the fight against super-bugs.

Camstent, the Colworth based company applying proprietary bacteria-phobic polymer coatings to medical devices, has been notified of initial results from the first in-man pilot study for its CE marked coated catheter. The results, which compared 10 Camstent coated catheters and 12 uncoated silicone catheters, showed a clear reduction of biofilm formation and biomineralisation on the Camstent polymer coated catheters compared with uncoated catheters.

Future comparisons of greater numbers of catheters, the performance of coated catheters over longer time periods and more detailed microbiological investigations will be required to support this initial evidence. Nonetheless, the results are very encouraging for the battle against hospital acquired infections (HAI) of which catheter-associated urinary tract infection is one the major causes, accounting for 38% of all cases. HAI currently costs the NHS £1 billion every year and can lead to longer stays in hospitals for patients and seriously endanger health and lives.

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